Our One Year Anniversary

One year ago today after a trip with friends to Asheville, NC. FarmASea Charcuterie was launched!

How it all started…Our first stop when we landed in Asheville was at The South Slope Cheese Co. in downtown Asheville. I HIGHLY recommend that you stop!!! The owners, Kurt & Emily Burritt are beyond knowledgeable and experts when it comes to my two favorite things: cheese & wine!!! So we loaded up for the long weekend. Little did I know at the time this little venture would be so life changing!

We proceeded to leaf peep and enjoy the beautiful fall color scenery that the Smoky Mountains provided. On our adventure we pulled off to a great viewing area and I said let’s have a charcuterie board right here. The scenery was spectacular. I couldn’t imagine anywhere else to enjoy our Fall charcuterie board full of the best meats, cheeses, crackers, nuts, and wine. While I prepped the charcuterie board on the mountainside; we had so many leaf peepers stop and comment “So Jealous” or “Why didn’t we think of that.” Needless to say we enjoyed every bite of that charcuterie board!!!

A few nights later we were exhausted from sightseeing and the weather was getting a bit chilly for the Florida Keys girl. We had plans to go to dinner but the woodburning stove/FIRE was way too cozy so we decided to stay in and once again. Why not have charcuterie tonight? This time I had a full kitchen to add additional items to the board including my friend’s famous fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies and my other friend went searching for some leaves and acorns to make our board visually complete!

The next morning over coffee and reminiscing about our fantastic trip and sad it would be over very soon. We were talking about all the great places we went for dinner, shopping, hiking and drinks. But the one thing we all kept coming back to was the charcuterie experiences. It’s amazing when you are grazing on a board for a few hours with friends the memories that are made! That’s when the idea came up…it doesn’t have to end here!!! Kim, you should open up a charcuterie business in the FL Keys to give both the residents and visitors the same experience we had here but incorporate and embrace the Sea and the Farm!

I met with Elise at Brutus Seafood Restaurant & Seafood Market the following week and we were in business! Little did we both know how high the demand for charcuterie boxes, charcuterie boards,charcuterie trays, charcuterie cones, charcuterie mini boxes, charcuterie & grazing tables, snackleboxes would actually be. Unfortunately, I was working a fulltime job and had to turn customers away. So the dilemma became I needed to either continue part-time or go full-time with the FarmASea charcuterie business.

Most recently on a vacation to Palm Island in St. Vincent & The Grenadines while laying on the beach is when I decided to give FarmASea Charcuterie and Grazing Tables my all! So here I am today one year since I launched and my December is almost completely booked with Grazing Tables and Charcuterie Tables. I had no idea this was a path I was on a year ago. But I absolutely love the creative and design components that go into each charcuterie box or grazing table. The number one thing I love most about FarmAsea Charcuterie are my clients. They are truly the best and I love designing pieces of food art for them to enjoy and make memories that will last a lifetime!!!

Let us know if we can create your next charcuterie memory!!!!